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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About

Project 1 Spring 2012

Virtual Chair

P1 – Concept

(1) Make a Virtual Chair
(2) Read p106 of Eva & Franco Mattes
(3) Make a Video Blog
(4) Pick a License to run with your work
(5) Make a Blog & Put the above elements on it
(6) Put links to your P1 “Post” and your About “Page” on Beachboard.

Everything you ever wanted to know about making a virtual chair is detailed in the videos below.
Putting it all on your blog is at the bottom of this page.


P1 – How To

0. Buy Book, Clicker & Kit

CHAIR: Sign up
Sign-up for Second Life & download the SL Viewer when prompted.
• Buy L$2,000:

CHAIR: Research & Sketch

CHAIR: Virtual CSULB, Textures, RezFaux

CHAIR: Prims

CHAIR: Texturing

CHAIR: Package

2. Read p106 of Eva & Franco Mattes

3. Make a video blog. Talk about:
• Yourself
• Your Chair Experience
• What p106 of Eva & Franco is about, what’s going on, what they’re getting at, what you think about it
• What you think “art” is, and what your hopes for this class are

4. Pick one of the 8 license flavors for your work: Copyright All Rights Reserved, or, Public Domain, or in-between those 2 extremes, one of the 6 flavors of Creative Commons

5. Make a blog and put all that stuff on it…

WordPress, Tumblr & Blogger all have lots of “themes” that can make your blog look however you like. And then you can decorate pages as suits you. All 3 have “Pages” and “Posts” – a “Post” is the normal thing on a blog, “Hi, It’s Monday, here’s what’s up” — but sometimes you have information that isn’t related to time in that way and you want to make a static “page.” So this week you’ll make 1 POST and 1 PAGE.

Your Post — all the stuff above. Call it “P1” or “My Wild Adventure” or whatever you like.
Your Page — should be called “About” and it’s where you’ll say “This blog is by a CSULB Nursing Student” or “NorCal Real Estate Developer” or however you want to describe yourself. You can add images, vids, links, as you like.

Your ABOUT Page should also have whatever license you pick, so visitors will know how they can and cannot use your content.

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  1. Priscilla Alog
    Jan 28 2012

    Hi, I was unable to get Linden Dollars for some reason. I put all my debit info correctly, but then again, I have a card from a credit union. Someone please help me!!! I’ll be down to pay someone $10 in person just so I could do this project! Ty anything helps!:)

  2. Glenn Z
    Jan 29 2012

    Hi Priscilla, why don’t you have someone buy some L$ for you on Tuesday. For this week’s project you can skip the Rez Faux part, and use textures from the texture selector in the CSULB Virtual Art Store (free) so you can finish everything without L$.

    Good Luck! 🙂

  3. Dakota Jones
    Jan 29 2012

    So to be clear, we need a pic of our chair a video and a blog as well ads sending our chair to a TA.

  4. Glenn Z
    Jan 30 2012

    sounds great Dakota!

  5. Amelia
    Feb 4 2012

    I’m having a really hard time learning all of this, I’m really bad with computers… I have the picture of my person sitting in a chair but I need help with everything else. If I stay after class on Tuesday to get help will I not receive credit because it’s late?

  6. Glenn Z
    Feb 5 2012

    Hi Amelia, by “after class” you mean office hours at 12:30 on Tuesday? Yes, that sounds good, let’s do that. Be sure to bring everything you have with you.

    Also this Tuesday is different… we’re meeting in Library-407 to plan Flashmobs… so even though it’s a Tuesday, we’re not in the theater, we’re in Library-407, and so OH will also be in Library-407 this Tuesday. See you then!


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