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Project 11 Spring 2012



Online Video is the medium of our time. Some of you have already made lots of videos, some of you have never made a video. It’d be crazy to finish an “art” class without giving the art medium of the day a shot!

Natalie Tran speaking at the EG2010 conference...

Natalie Tran speaking at the EG2010 conference, held January 21-23 in Monterey, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peeps like Rachel Bloom & Felicia Day have used “new media” to advance their “traditional media” careers. They, and a wide range of other peeps of represent the YouTube or Videography or Video Making side of OnLine Video. The Vlogger side (which might also be on YouTube but is less “moviemaking” and more “blogging” / “social networking”) is represented by lots of peeps you’re probably already familiar with, including peeps like Natalie Tran / Community Channel. Thru vlogging she’s created an identity online, a personal brand… and now she’s traveling the globe for Lonely Planet putting her identity/brand to work making new century “travel videos.”

We’ve been doing vlogging all semester of course, so in P11 it’s finally our chance to try Videomaking.

  • If you’ve never made a video, this is your chance to try one.
  • If you’ve already made videos, this is your chance to try something new.
  • If you’re an FEA major, this is your chance to blow us away! (no pressure, of course, hahaha)

Your video can be group or solo, but we really encourage you to do a group project – it’ll be a lot more fun. Feel free to mix peeps from 9a & 11a if you like.

The project really is “experiment with video” – so you could do pretty much whatever you like, including but not limited to:

  • Narrative Video
  • Music Video
  • Documentary
  • Experimental

Examples from past semesters:

A May 9, 2011 online-collaboration video, &quo...

A May 9, 2011 online-collaboration video, "We Pray for You," included most participants from the 2010 "We Are the World..." collaboration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Audio Requirement

As stated above, your video can be whatever you like, with 1 requirement: your music should come from:


This project is not to show us something you did for another project a few months ago and pass it off as your P11. Make a video with your classmates or with friends and show us what you have come up with.

You can post your 1 video to YouTube and embed it on every group member’s Tumblr. Then in your vlog you’ll talk about your thoughts on the project and your process.

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  1. Dagw00d.
    Apr 11 2012

    My name is Dagw00d. I’d just thought I’d drop in and say how honored I am to see my work being kept alive on this page. This class was a blast, and my twin and I are hoping you all are doing well!

    • Apr 11 2012

      Aww, hey Dagw00d! Thanks, so awesome of you to find us! 🙂
      Hope you’re havin a great semester!!


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