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Project 4 Spring 2012



When you graduate from CSULB you will probably have:
1. A Piece of Paper that says you know stuff
2. Actual Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
3. Lots of Contacts & Colleagues (friends) who you’ll run into from time to time as the years go by. They’ll offer you advice, perspective, you might hire some of them one day, some of them might hire you one day.

A diploma, knowledge, and colleagues are 3 awesome results of 4 (or more, hahaha) years here at CSULB.

But… it’s not enough! Much as we love mom & dad, your vision probably isn’t to get a diploma, move back home, and read the want-ads in your underwear for half the day. Maybe you were thinking of launching a career and a life after graduation? Well, a rockin’ ePortfolio is an awesome way to start that project.
ePortfolio on Wikipedia

• Above is your “ePortfolio” idea video – why you want one, etc.
• Below is a supplemental video on “Publicness & Privateness”

The Plan

• Google yourself – Google has “Show Personal Results” and “Hide Personal Results” – Personal Results are great when you want to find the pizza place closest to YOU, but they’re BAD when you want to see what the world sees when they Google you, so be sure to see your results with the “Personal Results” button in the upper-right on and off.
• Even though Google is the dominant search engine today, you should also “Yahoo Yourself,” “Bing Yourself,” and any other search you can think of, “Yourself”
• Take screenshots…
• Is your name unique?
photo of Art110 TA Linda Nguyen
This is Linda Nguyen, she was an Art-110 TA a couple of years ago. Linda has a beautiful name… beautiful… but… not unique…

Here’s a Twitter list I made. It follows 139 different Linda Nguyen Twitter users!

If you’re “lucky” enough to have a name like “Glenn Zucman” (hahaha) then you’re pretty much the only person who comes up when you search your name. But if you’re “Linda Nguyen” or “Justin Jones,” obviously there’s going to be a lot of “smoke” around a search. But since you want to leverage the net to work for you, you want it to be easy for peeps to find you. So, if you’re “Linda Nguyen” or “Justin Jones,” what’s your plan? Use a middle name? A pseudonym or online “handle” might be a great idea if you’re a hacker… maybe a little iffy if you’re an accountant…

Decide on a plan.

• Is your name on your blog? Right on the home page?
• Does your blog “about” page have useful info on you?
• Contact Me – your blog “About” or “Contact” page can have a way for peeps to contact you without having to make your email address public if you don’t want to.
LinkedIn – of course you’re on Facebook, but where else can you be found? LinkedIn is kind of like the business version of Facebook. Start a LinkedIn and start creating your presence there. Just as you may have tailored your Facebook to present a certain identity to your friends & family, now think about tailoring your LinkedIn to present a “professional” identity to business colleagues and potential employers. If you happen to have an “alt” lifestyle, yet want a “mainstream” career… do you want to use your “real” name on LinkedIn and use a pseudynym on Facebook so, hopefully, the two don’t connect? (technically pseudonyms are against the Facebook TOS and it’s possible they could delete your account. But it’s also your life and you should have some degree of choice on how you represent it, yes / no?)

• Decide on a communication goal – who is your audience / audiences? What do you want them to see when they:
1. Visit your site?
2. Google your name?

• How close is your online presence to these goals today?
• What is your plan to reach this goal by the time you graduate?

• Beyond LinkedIn, where should you be seen?
– Creative types might want to sign up at Behance or Deviant Art
– Film & Video types should have a nice portfolio on Vimeo and Blip
– Research types might want to sign up at
– Hacker types should be on Source Forge
– What online watering holes do the colleagues you should start learning about hang out at?

Just as people check your “references” on a paper resume… on a Google search… we hope they visit your website, but they’ll probably also visit results not created by you.
What will those be?

We hope there won’t be much negative content involving you, but if there is, we’d really like to see it buried on Page 6 of your results where most peeps never look. If you were in your career today, the other links might be to people you’ve worked with. While you’re here in college… well… we have a room full of other peeps also generating content… when you trade positive feedback and links to each other’s blogs, you make both rise in search results, and you’ll be surrounded by other supportive results.

How many meaningful links can you trade with classmates this week?

One great way to learn about the conversation in your areas of interest, become a part of them, and perhaps even pimp your own URL, is to read relevant blogs and write comments on them.
• Find 2 blogs on a topic you care about and leave a comment on a recent post on each blog

Kickstarter is not required for this project… but it is an EC option for you. Kickstarter is an incredible opportunity to:
1. Focus your thinking and goals on a particular project
2. Get Publicity for your project and yourself more generally.
3. Get Ca$h for your project.
Yes! Publicity and cash in one place – fantastic.

If you’re interested in doing a Kickstarter proposal, feel free to contact Glenn or a TA to help think about your ideas. We’ll give you EC for posting your project on Kickstarter, and if you get funded during the semester, we’ll give you Extra Extra Credit.

Your Blog Post

• Screenshots of:
– What your search results look like today
– What your ePorfolio looks like today
– LinkedIn and any other accounts you made / have / worked on
– blog comments you left
– Find someone who has the kind of career you’d like to have and who has a great online presence. Show some images of their content and think about how you plan to achieve this kind of presence.

In lecture this week we talked about Identity Art. Powerful and important as this topic is, we aren’t going to make you talk about it in your vlog — unless anything we mentioned really resonated for you — then go ahead and discuss it.

But your vlog focus this week will be on your ePortfolio. What you found when you Googled yourself. What name you think you want to be searched by. What your online goals are. What you did this week. What you plan to do between now and graduation.

Don’t forget your vlog should still have a section on this weeks reading:
Eva & Franco Mattes
Life & It’s Double

starts on p108

* See Project 4 Grading Rubric on

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