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Project 5 Spring 2012

Artist’s Studio Visit



• Last week you picked your artist and, of course, contacted them right away to set up a meeting!
• Research your artist
• Each team member should write at least 6 question ideas in your sketch book
• Meet with your artist
• Take a few photos of your meeting
• Each team member should do a vlog on the meeting afterwards – talk about your experience with your artist, what you learned, try to explain their ideas, offer your initial thoughts on the VR Installation you will create with/for your artist.
• Don’t worry about “is our idea possible?” Almost anything is possible! Next week we’ll discuss your ideas and how to create them.

When you write your questions… and speak to your artist… try to up your language game a bit. I’m not saying BS, but you can have a more “professional” voice. Consider these two sentences:

So, what’s this stuff about anyways?

Can you talk a little bit about some of the ideas you’re trying to engage in this latest body of work?

They’re pretty similar questions, and the really good artists we’ve lined up will probably give you a nice answer for either one, but the first one is a little like wearing filthy jeans to a job interview… yes you still have skills… but a suit says you’re a little more serious about the job and that you respect the person you’re meeting with. You don’t have to be pretentious, but do try present yourself as well as possible.

From your research you’ve gotten an idea of your artist’s work, but now you can see and discuss it more fully. Getting a sense of your artist as a person, their ideas, and their work, is the goal for the first half of your conversation.

In the second half you want to try to get a sense of what your VR Installation with/for them might be. The possibilities for this are wide open. What the art could be, and the almost limitless possibilities of virtual space could actually be a little intimidating for you – saying you can do “anything” is a bit like saying you can do nothing – most of the time we like some constraints to help us define a space to work in.

From so much possibility how do you focus in on what your project will be? Start by trying to understand your artist and their work, and then by discussing possibilities with them. If you have one of our virtual artists, or Micha Cardenas or Stelarc, they will be very familiar with the possibilities – for all the other artists, they will know their own ideas about art / life / culture well, but they really won’t be too aware of the tools we have or the possibilities with them.

Your TA is familiar with both your artist and the possibilities of virtual space. Seek their help & guidance!

The ideal project won’t require too much interaction between you and your artist – your artist is busy and you are busy – if you can plot out a vision with them at the initial meeting, perhaps exchange a few emails, and then create whatever’s needed for the Installation or Performance or Art Gallery Exhibition, that’s probably ideal.

Held at both the “Physical” and the “Virtual” CSULB campuses. We can stream video from one to the other for “Mixed Reality” works. You’ll still give a presentation on your artist and what you’ve created during classtime, but we’d like as many artists to participate / be represented on that day.

• Show some of the research you did on your artist
• Show the 6 possible questions you wrote (if you didn’t wind up asking them in the actual meeting, that’s ok)
• A few pix from your meeting

This week’s vlog is your first chance to talk about your artist. That should be the focus of this vlog. What drew you to this artist? What is their media? What is their work like aesthetically? What ideas does their work engage? What was your studio visit experience like? What did you learn about the artist? What did you learn about art? What did you learn about yourself? What ideas did you discuss for your VR Installation?

Starts on p88 Nike Ground

2 sketches of your artist’s work, or your VR installation ideas, or…

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