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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About

Project 7 Spring 2012

Shark Tank!



Your curatorial team will present your project idea!


This week in lab, either Tu or Th, you’ll present your ideas and sketches for your project with your artist and get feedback from the TA’s and Glenn. When you post this week’s project this weekend you’ll present your ideas and sketches and your refinements since your Shark Tank meeting.

For the meeting, please bring more than 1 idea. Try to visualize your ideas in different forms. Sometimes the same conceptual idea can take different forms that will resonate more or less powerfully. On the other hand, formally similar works can engage a range of conceptual ideas. So, do think about the “Form” and the “Content” of what you want to present.

CONTENT – the ideas you’d like to express through your project.

FORM – how it will look or be experienced: the visual elements and interactive design of the project.

If you have a 2D artist like a painter or an illustrator, you might want to do something “traditional” like build a virtual Art Gallery to exhibit their work. For a 3D artist or Installation Artist or Performance Artist, you might want to think of a collaborative installation or performance to create with them. Hopefully something that can be part of our Saturday, May 5th Art / Performance festival. Try to come up with something that represents your artist’s work well, and that they are excited about, but also that doesn’t require a lot of interaction between you and them. Hopefully something they can approve and give you a few ideas or materials or images for, and that you can then run with, perhaps exchanging occasional emails or Facebook messages.

This shows "top" and "bottom" or PLAN views, "side" or ELEVATION views, and at center is the PERSPECTIVE view of a house.

This shows a "side" or ELEVATION view and a "top" or PLAN view of a ship.

Each team member should bring in different sketches, and you should draw “Plan” “Elevation” and “Perspective” views.
Click on any pix to see larger.

Plan view of a park.

Plan view of a reactor.

Plan view of streets.

Plan view of a theater similar to UT-108

PLAN VIEWthis is the bird’s eye view looking down on your installation. Also known as a “Ground Plan” or a “Site Plan”… it’s the layout for where elements like walls, rocks, or anything else goes. it’s generally the most helpful view for setting up.

Elevation view of a home exterior.

Elevation view of an interior wall space and desk

Elevation or side view of a person.

ELEVATION VIEWthis is another “flat” or straight on view. Instead of from the top like the plan view, it’s from the side. The Plan lets you see where stuff is, the Elevation let’s you see what it looks like. In the case of a wall, you’d see the wall covering, any floor or ceiling mouldings, the decor, etc.

Perspective view of a plaza

Perspective view of a library interior

Perspective view of a home exterior with "sectional" views - material removed to let you see other details

Perspective sketch of the Taj Mahal reflecting pool

PERSPECTIVE VIEW where the Plan and Elevation are both flat-on views, the Perspective view has perspective or depth. The plan and elevation are better for actually building things, as orthographic, to-scale views, you can stick a ruler on them and measure stuff… you can’t (easily) get dimensions off a perspective sketch, but far more than the others, it’s the drawing that “feels like” your installation.

For your blog / vlog post this week, in addition to the usual content on the reading and your sketches, talk about your project ideas, your shark tank experience, how you feel about the idea you’ve developed, and any thought or questions on how you’re going to pull it off.

READING WK 7 – p130 Luther Blisset
SKETCHES – 3 sketches – Plan, Elevation & Perspective ideas for your VR project with your artist

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