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February 2, 2011

Project 1 Grace Period

by Glenn Zucman

Hi Guys,

As you KNOW – we don’t accept late projects. It’s not that we like to be mean… it’s not that we think you suck… it’s just that with 200 students… if we take projects at all different times, we’ll NEVER finish grading, and then EVERYBODY will be unhappy. So, in order to survive and get you timely feedback, we MUST have your work online by 11:59pm Sunday night.

Project 1 did have a lot of steps, and as I blogged below, A LOT of you did awesome jobs! But for the few of you who got lost or whatever, we’re offering a ONE TIME extension! You can turn P1 in by Wed night at 11:59pm for full credit. THIS TIME ONLY!!

So go for it!!

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