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February 7, 2011

Jack makes me fat! :p

by moniquenicholson

So i have to say my second week as a T.A started off roughly :/ I felt bad because I thought I was being a horrible t.a. lol the reason why shall not be said (between glenn, liz, and me :)) And then it ended even worse by having the steelers lose :/ Other than that going to the beach was so much fun! I had such a blast in re-living the time at the beach and helping other students doing their plaster feet/arms. It made me think about last semester, ahh good times lol! I love that all of you guys had so much fun (hopefully you did :p), just wait until spray painting in Venice. Eating jack-in-the-box twice in one day made me fat lol (hence my title) but i worked it off in the gym, but i had to run to my theater class and be on time, unfortunately i was not! I was 10 minutes late:/ But anyways grading the projects I found a few favorite projects, but before I share those I must say that one of my biggest pet peeves this week was people who were posting their projects on their home page instead of a linked page! Be happy people i was feeling generous in not giving bad grades, but this has got to change! Now that my bitch moment is over :p it’s time to move on to the awesome projects that I saw this week!!!! I have chosen 3 🙂

Dan Tam Pham:

Angela Rodarte:

Christina Yu:

–I know I chose all girls lol but it’s not because I’m sexist, girls just ruled this project 😀



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