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February 8, 2011

Why is Pau Gasol so hot?!

by Liz Juarez

Week three just started and i couldn’t be more tired of school already.

Monday began with grading 11a projects. Unfortunately, the Laker game was on at the same time that i was trying to grade projects so i ended up doing a lot more day dreaming about Pau Gasol rather than being focused on the projects.

So many people got really high scores on their projects. Unfortunately, people seem to be forgetting how to name their pictures and how to resize them.

Fortunately, the Lakers won and i got to see Pau Gasol play an awesome game. Also, i think i gave out more 90’s this time than last week. Congrats!!

Lotti, Bo   

Larson, Trevor   BEACH_TRIP_ART110_081.JPG

Guevara, Mike


Cong-Huyen, Mirabella

external image _MG_5592.jpg


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