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February 10, 2011

CAE!!! :D

by moniquenicholson

Yes i know this is probably killing some people to know what this acronym means (i.e edward torres lol) but i just can’t tell yet 😛 Though I do have to say this was the highlight of my week because I figured out I HAVE A CRUSH on someone 🙂 So I’m just one happy camper right now lol! Anyways, this week was fun! I didn’t come on tuesday but I heard everyone watched bomb it, which is bomb of course, no ;)? I’m excited to see all of the different artists and to learn about them because I really don’t know any of them so this makes me uber excited! Last semester was ridiculous because of all of the repetitiveness in everyone’s topics and so I know this semester will be awesome with variety. Be happy with your artists everyone and do your best on your architecture as the weeks progress on. And the last thing I do want to say is that if you are responsible and let yourself have fun in this class, you will actually see how this class is art and actually have fun! Everyone gets so caught up in the amount of the work and complaining that you forget what the class is really about and the complaining monster comes out! Trust me I know what you guys are going through, so does liz! We both took the class before and know what it’s like and when you talk to us and tell us if you’re having any issues we try and fix that as soon as possible, we are not perfect but we will try our best 🙂 I hope this encourages you guys to do better and succeed in this class and to make memories that you will never forget. I also know all this may sound super duper cliche lol but it’s true, just don’t forget to have fun 🙂

My favorite projects for P3 from 11a 🙂

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