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February 10, 2011


Crying Homeless Guy and Daft Punk…Not A Good Combo

by Liz Juarez

So this week in Art110, we watched Bomb It and started our VRAG’s!!!

For those who were not able to watch Bomb It with us:

starts at 4:00min with Paris

Amsterdam starts on 7:50

continuation of Amsterdam

Cape Town starts on 4:00

Sao Paulo starts on 8:45

continuation of Sao Paulo

continuation of Sao Paulo

Tokyo starts on 2:13

Bomb It was awesome as always. If we had watched the entire documentary it would have really made you question whether Graffiti really is a bad thing. It would have raised a lot more questions like why do we always tend to assume Graffiti and poverty go hand in hand. The truth is that it sounds completely absurd when it’s out of context like that. Why do we think that? Could it be that here in Southern California, we tend to see more graffiti in low income and high crime rate areas as opposed to the suburbs? It could be. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one causes the other right?

For the Paris part, I found something very interesting. I’ve spent the better part of my life studying French Culture so it wasn’t news to me but it’s a unique difference. Here in the U.S., we think of the inner city as the crime area but in Paris, the inner city is where all the wealthy French people live. The suburbs of Paris are the poor areas. It’s a unique thing.  Capetown was really cool too. In the U.S. we think of graffiti as vandalism but in Capetown it’s actually a political statement and it also brings color to areas that don’t usually contain artwork.

Brazil seemed to be the most like the U.S. but my favorite part was the part with the homeless man that was practically in tears when he was describing the generosity of the graffiti artist. It was such a sad point in the video but meanwhile i was blasting Technologic by Daft Punk on my iPod.  It wasn’t on purpose. It just  happened to be on at that time.

yeah…not much of a tear jerker…

Thursday was the best. Everyone got to pick their different artists and they are all so amazing. It’s great because i’m not too familiar with some of these artists (Nancy Popp, Finishing School…) and the SecondLife ones (Joseph DeLapp, Miso Susanowa…). It should be a lot of fun working with these artists and creating a space to house their work.

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  1. Feb 11 2011

    WoW! Only the awesomest TA’s go out and find the video for the students! Amazing!!!


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