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February 22, 2011

Life’s Fondue! (title adapted from t.larson lol)

by moniquenicholson

Well hello everyone 🙂 can you believe it’s already the 5th week!!! Time seems to be passing by fast in this semester, at least with this class lol. And it’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! YEA BOI!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 19 years old, which is still hella younger than a lot of the people in the class lol , but i’m happy to be closer to being 21 years old 🙂 Anyhoo man this week’s project was real interesting in the fact that evo and franco mattes have become such a controversial subject in this class (almost like the topic of abortion and gay marriage!!) EOWWWW!!! i saw some claws coming out on the art110 facebook page lol but im proud of those people that have an opinion and stand up for it and back it up with sold evidence and claims (whether its pro eva or franco or not!)! In my opinion, it’s a lesson that will take you far in life 🙂 (did i really just give you guys a life lesson i think so lol) In truth, I really don’t mind what your guys’ opinions are about these artists!!! I might debate with you as to why they’re pretty awesome to me but you know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s what makes us unique individuals 🙂 (GEEEZ! Another life lesson, I’m on a roll lol!) I do want to share with you guys’ though when I first read about eva and franco, I hated them! I agreed with you guys on the whole stealing and the random pictures lol my mind was going on a trip. Yet, as I kept reading on, I found myself liking their weird way of thinking and playing upon people’s ignorance. It was brilliant to me as a matter of fact! I love them because they are so carefree minded and complicated and weird, yet they know who they are which is an admirable quality to me and I found that in them. So I guess what I’m trying to say is if you hate them, give them another chance, with them you need to think outside the box 🙂 If not, then that’s fine also 🙂 Now for my favorite projects of the week 🙂

Yasmine San Pedro:

Vanesa Sanchez:

Trevor Sullivan:

Christina Yu:



—-> I’m so proud of you guys! I think all 4 of you got the concept of what the project should have been like (whether you liked eva and franco or not :p)  so good job! 🙂

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