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February 22, 2011


Students Who Blog

by Glenn Zucman

I love the wiki a lot… what??? You don’t??? I’m shocked! Simply shocked!

Seriously though, with a couple hundred students per semester, there’s no way that Liz, Monique, Mary, and I could ever look at all your stuff without a powerful tool like the wiki. Powerful as it is, “our” wiki is, well, ours.

What I love about a blog is that it’s yours! That’s a huge difference.

BTW, I love the wiki vs an “LMS” (Learning Management System, like BeachBoard) because LMS’ tend to be “closed” and wikis and blogs tend to be “open.” For more on Open vs Closed, watch any of these:

Anyway, I love blogs because I think they’re an amazing tool to help you develop your own ideas and to learn to express yourself to others. I hope your blog has LOTS of readers… but even if you had zero readers, your blog would still be powerful because it helps you know better who you are, and it can make you more articulate at conveying that to others. And if you think about it, that’s a lot of what going to college is all about.

Three cheers for Mariah & Erin for starting blogs this semester and for bravely posting their URLs here. Check them out! Drop a comment, I’m sure they’d love your feedback. If you’ve got a blog… or if you start one… give us your url in a comment to this post. So awesome!

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  1. Mariha Lowe
    Feb 22 2011

    haha good timing! i’m blogging as we speak…. eh, kind of.

  2. Feb 23 2011

    Dont forget my blog aswell it on my wiki page!!!

  3. Feb 23 2011

    dont forget about my blog!!!!!!!!!


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