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February 28, 2011

Darko Maver & TA Monique = Soul Mates! <3 lol

by moniquenicholson

Ok so the title isn’t necessarily true but it did give all my friends on my real Facebook account, a run for their money! I swear everyone was freaking out that I was in an actual relationship with this guy, and they were scare for me because of how freaky he looked! LOL! In a sense I felt like Eva and Franco pulling a prank on someone! My friends know that I’m not really the type of person to get in a useless relationship and so this freaked them out! Total highlight of my week fersure! I have yet to find out which student actually decided to pull this prank on me though! LOL! It’s a prank upon a prank lol! So besides this little prank being the highlight of my week I also was so happy with the OSCARS this past Sunday! Ahhh I was so proud of a lot of the fashion choices, made me so much more happier than the Grammy’s! Sorry the fashionista in me just came out! Yet now it’s week 6! Omgeeeeee can you believe this madness! This semester is rolling on by! And I can’t wait to see all of your guys’ architectures ^.^ That I know all of you have been so hardly working on 😛 This is fersure going to be an exciting week! I’m so proud of you guys that have been doing all your work as well! Makes me proud! Keep up the good work! Now as for my favorites in the projects this week, I have chosen three as usual 🙂

Christina Yu:

Natalie Wilson:


Vanesa Sanchez:


–> Good JOB guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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