I couldn’t think of a witty title :P

I’m so proud of everyone!! 😀 That’s the first thing I just wanted to say to everyone that completed their architecture with their brilliant ideas 🙂 It was very cool to see how everyone was getting used to building and how some people were even better at it than me 0.o I must say I was very embarrassed how some people were schooling me :p Yet it still makes me proud! 😀 I know I might keep saying that but it’s true! It brings me back to last semester building my own architecture and having to go through the same things as you guys, so if you have issues with second life, I definitely understand! Another thing I must point out, you guys I am here for you to the best of my abilities and so I hope you utilize my help and liz’s! (ps she’s the better TA :p) Anyways he architecture was he hardest project and now you guys it should be getting easier 🙂 I PROMISE! WEEK 7! halfway there! don’t give up 🙂 And now for my favorite projects of the week! Keep in mind these are my “favorite” according to how you guys did your actual wiki page not the architecture itself 😛

My first is the 11a group of zaha hadid! Very well done on your guys’ architecture and your wiki pages! (trevor larson, brittany martinez, daisy varela, and sarah hill)

My second favorite group architecture was the group of Ashely Standish, Taylor Young, Joseph Maurer, and David Ly GOOD JOB GUYS 😀 I can’t wait to see the final product 🙂

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