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March 8, 2011

It’s tough being a mixed reality TA

by Liz Juarez

I think Monique and I agree that she and I spent the better portion of our weekend on Facebook and in Secondlife.  Therefore, we spent some of our time in the reality of our first life and a some of our time in the virtual world of our secondlife.

After spending almost 2 hours of grading (in between we took a break to go out and freeze our butts off in the wind) we got through it!!

I definitely enjoy seeing what everyone came up with. So many groups really stepped it up and created these incredible pieces of architecture. I also noticed a lot of groups using the body sculpts i bought in Secondlife. I had no idea they were going to be used so much. The $2 i spent buying the sculpts have been worth it.

Another thing i really liked about your galleries is that many of you have gotten creative with your ideas. If these places existed in the first life as well as the second life, i would be at your galleries in a second. I’m sure you have all made your Artists proud.

As for some areas of concern

  • Flickering prims – this means that the prims have not been properly aligned. instead they have been jammed together and now the prims are fighting each other to show through
  • In a few projects, i read that some people think you have to pay money to have trees and plants. I did not spend my time looking for free full permission trees and plants just so people wouldn’t use them!!!  There are so many free things in the art store. You just have to go in and browse
  • I don’t know if many of you realize but if you get something in SecondLife, you have to make sure it is FULL PERM. Full perm means full permissions. Sometimes things that say they are free have some sort of restriction on them (no copy, no modify, no transfer). These restrictions are not going to make your life easy when it comes time to turn your gallery in.  Every thing in the art store is full permission so go ahead and have fun with that.
  • Also, I know this is probably the toughest thing out of all the things on this list, be careful not to do your projects at the last minute (*cough*cough* sunday night). It’s not fun for me and Monique to read about how the project was too difficult and how the internet was not working on this particular weekend

Here are some of the best architectures of the 11a class:

Eva And Franco Mattes – Thomas Krebs, Nelson Nguyen, Connie Wong, and Jose Munoz

Joseph DeLapp – Armando Perez, Linh Nguyen, and Hilbert Garcia


Zevs – Dan Tam Pham, Mary Luu, and Edward Martinez

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