I’m Feeling The Midterm Low Point…blah

This week we got to test out the new lab which was awesome!! Kinda small though. We will all be very close and cozy though.

We also found out that i should replace Oprah once she retires. Mike Berg and Trevor Larson didn’t know they were related before they met me. Your welcome.  🙂

Lots of good essays this week. I’m finally feeling some Eva and Franco love. For the few who still have not come around, it’s no problem. To each his own radical Italian artist but it was nice to read less complaining.<

Here are some pretty good excerpts I read:

Stolen Pieces

“The Mattes have changed my perception on art and its relation to time. I have always believed that when a piece of art is finished, its finished. However, its clear to me now that i have never been so wrong. When i look at art i imagine the artist putting their heart and sole into that piece in the particular moment it was created. This is why i was annoyed in the beginning of reading this article because the Mattes do not have the right to take pieces off of a master piece.
As i continued reading, i began to realize that art was made to stand for some idea or emotion in that moment, but it could stand for something different later in time. The changes in art make it come alive. Art changes, just like we change as human beings. Just as we wear and tear over time, so does art. Art definitely does increase in value as it shows its history because not only did it look amazing when it was original, time will add effect that increases the value. Art is a living thing. Eva and Franco agree with that statement and feel the original is overrated and we should let art live.”

Ben Tinsley

“What I find interesting is the “material” they steal to use as their own. They are not any unique or significant pieces of work, but rather minuscule pieces that may or may not have ever been noticed. Now here is where I read something interesting which was that Eva and Franco kept all their pieces in a single box, which I would be extremely curious to take a peek at one day. I cannot decide whether this is ingenious, or incredibly stupid. Hiding everything in one spot can be beneficial if you hide it well. However, if is found by the wrong person, EVERYTHING is in jeopardy! I think it would be wiser for the Mattes to scatter their “findings.” I picture this like Harry Potter, (if anyone here is a HP fan) in that Voldemort scattered his horcuxes all around the world so even if someone came across one, there were still 6 others to find. If Harry found all 7 in the same spot, there would be no need for that 7th book. I think that as creative as Eva and Franco are, that dispersing all their pieces in different areas would be fun for them.”

– Chris Allen

So what do Eva and Frank think about the concept of “the original?”

“Eva and Franco believe that “the original” is overrated. In a way, they believe that “the original” is a slave to its own self and is stuck in the past, and that it should be like in The New Adventures of Old Christine: even old people should have new stories. Old dogs can learn new tricks, and sometimes better tricks than any regular puppy trick. When an old artwork is seen in a new light, it is in a way “reinvented” and gains another few minutes of fame; sometimes it is given a 180 degree turn and is analyzed in a new plethora of ways.

They seem to be fans of Duchamp whole messing-with-other-people’s-stuff philosophy. When we see the Mona Lisa, someone mentions that “some guy drew a mustache on her once.” It is something that gives it a new story although when Mona Lisa was fresh off the canvas no one knew (or at least recorded a prediction) that was going to happen.

We like to think that history was the “good ol’ times” where everyone was pure and clean. A century from now people in the future will see us that way too. Eva and Franco just try to spice up the present and possibly the future.”

– Vanesa Sanchez

Darko Maver: Art, Death & Myth-Making

“The dark twist behind Darko Maver’s art was “that while artists are making shocking artwork absorbed by the market, real violence is being perpetrated and ignored by a media-anesthetized world” (58). Darko Maver’s “art” (but really Mattes’ art) was so graphic, bloody, and gruesome in order to stress the real violence that goes on in the world. His life is not any less real then the lives of avatars on Second Life or other online sites as well that may find it difficult to live in the real world.”

– Jessica Rose

It Means What It Says

“They believe in people creating their own history rather than being given a history. What we do matters. In Viterbo, Italy, plaques are put on most buildings commemorating events or that some illustrious character lived or died there. “Don’t give in to reality: create your own version of it and make others believe it” (p.106). That’s exactly what the Mattes did. Eva and Franco created their own history by putting up their own plaque, not to humiliate the building, but to criticize the exploitation of historic heritage and the power of the dead over the living. Putting up the plaque isn’t what made it history, it was the people talking about it at bus stops later that made it history. Everyday we are given the freedom of making our own reality. It’s up to us to create our own history.”

– Natalie Wilson

It’s Always Six O’Clock

“MAIN THEMES= appropriation; recycle culture, plagiarism copy, remixing take the original and change it in some way, culture jamming; doing what is against cultural norms, and identity simulation; applying the everyday to abnormal characters . So it seems the Mattes take past culture, things we remember unchanged in our minds, make a copy of it, then change it in some way by applying concepts applicable to us and modern culture in a way that is outside the norm. No doubt it is effective to illustrate your point. First your attention is captured by familiar pop culture icons. you then continue to look on as you intrigue peaks because this icons is being represented in a way outside the normal context of what you have seen in the past. you realize this upsets you because it goes against what you know to be true. this scares you because you realize what your looking at resembles YOU.”

– Trevor Larson

United We Stand

“I feel that the plot of the movie was sort of the desired message of the project. Like they say in the book, war between America and China is inevitable, and the movie asks the question: Can Europe stay strong when both of these countries wage war and destroy the world? And that’s just what the project asks people to do. Think about it: What will we as a people do when America and China both crumble? Will we be able to carry on as a continent and stay strong? This is a terrific message and I actually find the movie’s plot to be highly original and very awesome. I think that when I become a professional filmmaker, I’ll steal the plot from them. I think they’d like that. I’ll show the movie anywhere but the US. Then maybe they’ll bootleg it and sell it later! You never know with those two!”

– Bo Lotti

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