Prims, Bikes, Flowers, Ghandi: the Curated VRAGS!

It was great seeing the level of participation in 9a hit an all time high!

Ok, the galleries were pretty amazing too. Walking around SL I could see that many of you made changes to what you had made two weeks ago and as the structures filled with art it became more clear what each of your unique visions were.

There did seem to be a but of misunderstanding among some of you as to what was expected this week…some of you referenced that the images of your galleries were unfinished or even lacked art altogether…but this is the LAST week we will be working on these!

Below are some of the excellent galleries from 9a:


Banksy Gallery: Richard Moreno, Corrinne Prado, Ryan Corsaut, James Welch.



Gracie Kendall Gallery: Genises Paredes, Miana Chen, Michelle Solis


Comet Morigi Gallery : Daniel Tran, Shion Nguyen, Jimmy Ngo, Justin Choe



Fallen Fruit Gallery: Courtney Kaller, Matthew Bergman


2 thoughts on “Prims, Bikes, Flowers, Ghandi: the Curated VRAGS!

  1. Also, the bottom half of the Fallen Fruit tree is, like, the best tree in SL ever! But the top half looks WAY over-pruned! It really wants to be a lot larger, freer, and more sprawling.

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