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March 30, 2011

Spring Break = Rebecca Black, Asians, Venice Beach, and Pranks

by Liz Juarez

This week is Spring Break and Monique, Glenn, and I miss you all!!  🙂  So not looking forward to the stress of next week though  😦
Because we didn’t get to see you guys we tried to keep everyone in the loop using the facebook page.
Tuesday morning glenn posted this video:

which was very nice of him
P.S. everything he said is 100% true
Again this week, we got the ball rolling with the topic of Rebecca Black (I think that one was my fault). Truly awful stuff actually. It sucks that people say such mean things but welcome to Hollywood. If you can’t handle the criticism, don’t enter show business.
The prank videos started when i posted this video:

truly amazing stuff. It’s funny how two guys have to open our eyes and tell us that the main stream media thinks we are “worthless human beings” if we are not constantly consuming everything our planet has. Another interesting question they raise is Why do children need to learn how to rip “peoples bodies to shreds”? It is a capitalist world we live in.
My Brother was actually to blame for the Asian rant response video. I had no idea that that girl even existed.

Well as it turns out she dropped out of UCLA and, just like Rebecca Black, she’s trying to get famous with no talent whatsoever. Sad world we live in. On the bright side, it gave the asians in the art110 class to learn that Michael Tombor is part asian.
As many of you should already know, the venice beach projects are coming up and we’re saying this because these projects aren’t something you’re going to want to start 11:30 pm sunday night. These projects actually require you to go to Venice Beach and do some graffiti. You also have the option of doing a group video about venice beach. On the home page i have posted a video that is a great example of what you might want to do for your project here is another:

If you are not a good spray painter, try what this student did:
In Conclusion….
1. Time is running out on the venice beach projects
2. the legal art walls are only open on the weekends which means you only have 6 chances left to do the graffiti project
3. P10 is due next sunday so hopefully you all have your lecture synthesis done.
See you all next Tuesday in UT 108

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