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April 20, 2011

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by Liz Juarez
So i was really bummed after the 11a class today. I had no idea so many of you didn’t understand what we ask of you with regards to the project. That is kind of why i walk around on thursdays asking if you guys have any questions.

With regards to project 15, in class, i guess i really want you all to take notes on the presentation itself. So take notes like “was the gallery aesthetically pleasing?” “what worked with the gallery?” “what didn’t work?”
Jot down a few notes on the artist like “what is their art about?” “what would their art be classified as?”

After class, go back and add a sort of recap with your own take on the presentation, the artist, and the VRAG. “what would you have done had you gotten that artist or was the gallery so good that you couldn’t picture it any other way?” “what do you think the artist is trying to communicate with their art or just do you think what they do is art in the first place? if you don’t think it’s art, tell me why. why would you say that?” “what would you classify this artist as?” “does their work remind you of anything in your life?” “does their work speak to you and your life?”

these are just a few questions to get you started. honestly, just try to go as deep as possible with your thoughts.

Another thing that I thought we covered last thursday in class but after watching presentations today, i realized people still don’t know how to do this. Camera angles. It’s really really tough to watch a presentation when part of the time is spent having your avatar walk up to an image because you don’t know how to angle the camera.

Camera angles take about five minutes to practice:
for all the key commands, hold down those buttons and then the basic mouse movement is left-click and drag in different directions.
– Alt – the zoom angle
– ctrl-alt – angles
– ctrl-alt-shift – pan
practice these angles in SecondLife and hopefully, (fingers crossed) there will be less presentations spent watching avatars move around.

If there are still questions, (extra-credit, P12, P13, P15, camera angles, SecondLife) either email me, contact me on facebook, or just ask me in class on Thursday.

Again, really sorry that the directions were not clear on P15. Hopefully i cleared some stuff up
– Liz

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