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May 5, 2011


Video Awards

by Glenn Zucman

And the judges (y-o-u!) have spoken:

9a: Videography
1. Cookies
2. Always Hardcore at Venice Beach
3. Buy the Pencil
4. I’m a Dog
5. Music

9a: Video Blogging
1. Miharu Okamura
2. Michele Fenn
3. Mariha Lowe
4. Edward Torres
5. Joanna Plascencia

11a: Video Festival
1. Bo’s Twin
2. Willis’ Vlog
3. Fat Life
4. I Just Had Sex
5. The Lazy Song
6. Tommy’s Vlog
7. American Psycho
8. Christine is Back

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  1. Mariha
    May 6 2011

    Edward Lowe is a tag?? Really? what are we, the Mattes?

  2. May 8 2011

    So weird… IDK where that tag came from… maybe he hacked the blog…

    Mariha & Edward Mattes… hahaha…

    Of course… Bo’s actually you… and Sam’s actually Edward… so I guess that makes it Bo & Sam Lowe?


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