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August 29, 2011


Buenos Dias Children!

by Mariha Lowe

As Chang would say…

(Pssst… I really like the show Community.  And I promise not to shoot you with a paintball gun on the first day of class. Pinky promise.)

So what up maynes?! My name’s Mariha, pronounced like Mariah but just… spelled better.  I guess that’s debatable to some but, eh, whatever.  Why is it spelled like that? Ask me some time, maybe I’ll tell you.

Any way, who am I?? Well, funny story.  I’m actually one of your 7 or 8 TA’s.  Why does this class have so many TA’s?? Because it’s  kind of super fun if you really get into the class.  I got way more than I bargained for out of this class last semester so I can’t wait to see what this semester as a TA brings me (and you).  But seriously, participation makes this class.  You’ll learn a lot and have fun if you’re active in the class but if you don’t bother to be a team player, no mercy will be shown on you from this girl *points to self*.  I’m a tough cookie.

So I’m a Film major (aren’t we all?) and I’m considering a double major in studio art or something like that.  Maybe. We’ll see.  All these ridiculous budget cuts won’t let me take artsy classes or minor in art and I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to get on my nerves.  So let’s fight the system kids, me and my home girl Dan-Tam(another TA) enjoy that kind of stuff.  We’re psychological twins, no big deal.

Jeez, I’m getting off topic.  Sometimes I feel like JD from Scrubs.

OKAY.  My name’s Mariha, I’m from NorCal and I mean REAL NorCal, not the Bay; I’m a film major but I’m super into all sorts of art.  The only one I’m not particularly decent at is dance.  Dance is beautiful, but I’m about as graceful as a watermelon.  I like folk/indie rockish music, some of my favorite musicians are Conor Oberst, Andrew Bird, Margaret Glaspey and Regina Spektor.  And Lupe Fiasco, because he speaks the truth.

LOVE this song/video
Mr Hudson and the Library, (the local-ish band ♥)Hellogoodbye, Death Cab and Best Coast are also my jam. I just really like music, I could go on for hours.  Some of my favorite movies are (500) Days of Summer, How To Be, all three Toy Stories, and Beauty and the Beast and as for TV I love Community, Parks and Rec, Chelsea Lately and I’m a huge Whitest Kids U’Know fan.  I try to embrace my fleeting childhood, but that sometimes doesn’t lead to great decision making on my part.  I do not like cheesy quotes about life/love/other cliche things.  They’re gross.  I sometimes do things I’m told not to do.  I’m a good kid.  I really like religion, it interests me, but I’m not religious.  I use to like change, like switchin’ things up, but I’ve been through a lot of it in the past year.  So Change, if you’re reading this, I think we need a break.  I like meeting new people, SO INTRODUCE YOURSELF.  Sometimes I’m not the warmest, but if you can roll with the weird things I say and maybe throw back some sarcastic responses, you’ll be alright in my book.  But, you know, I’m friendly enough. Talk to me.

Oh yeah, and if you have a nick name, I’ll probably just call you by your full name.  I like doing that.


Last semester Glenn suggested I start a blog.  I don’t think I’m doing it right, but here’s the link anyway if you wanna ch-ch-check it out!

Mi Blog

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  1. artboyusa
    Aug 29 2011

    It’s actually almost embarrassing to even tell you how many points Mariha earned last semester. Let’s just say, to use my favorite basketball term, it was a Full-Court Press.

    So awesome to have Mariha as part of the team this semester! yay! Lucky you guys! 🙂


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