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August 29, 2011


The beginning of your knowledge of art…everything else barely counts

by Liz Juarez

Hi everyone!! The beginning has finally gotten here. I am really excited to be a TA this semester. I have been a TA for over a year (man i’m old!) which means i’m a “lead TA”.

I took this class the spring of ’10 and i loved it/aced it so much that i became a TA. Every semester since then has been better than the last. I hope that this time with about 8 TA’s that we keep the trend going. If you’re a freshman taking this class, it’s a great class to take because we give you advice not just about art but about school and life.

Normally when i think of lecture i think of my boring chem professor droning on about fixed charges. In art110, Glenn’s lectures are really interesting. This semester is the first time he will be using a movie in every lecture which should be a lot of fun.

All of the projects we do in this class are a lot of fun but one of my favorites is the Graffiti writing in Venice Beach. It’s all legal and it’s really fun to act like a rebel. It’s also cool to see the pro’s that spray paint there work their magic with a can and a concrete wall.

Another one of my favorites is Counterfactual Identity week. I hardly get any work done that week because i’m just on facebook reading all of the madness.

One of the things that got really popular last semester was Eva and Franco. They are the topic of the “textbook” and they are some of the weirdest/awesome-est characters ever.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this semster. Come by during office hours even if it’s to just say hi.

– Liz

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  1. artboyusa
    Aug 29 2011

    Yay, so awesome LIz, thank you!

    Some people say that the class would be just fine without me, but a mess without Liz!

    For myself and for the past and future students, thank you!

    — Glenn

  2. Aug 29 2011

    yes! a photo from your macbook pro muahahaha lol 😉


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