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September 5, 2011


“It’s only the beginning” – Danny Zuko

by Liz Juarez
Lus Garcia’s wiki
Jessica Koehler’s wiki

Indeed this week was only the beginning of 14 more weeks. The good news is you now have all the tough little details out of the way and it’s time to do some art.

I got the chance to grade the 9a class F-L and i saw some pretty awesome projects. For this being week 1, you all did a great job (that’s if you did the project). By now you have noticed that we as TA’s really do go the extra mile for you guys. We’re up at crazy hours answering questions, posting links, walking you through things, loaning lindens without money up front etc.

Well i enjoyed looking at the vlogs and wiki pages that i did. This week we’re going to the beach and doing some plaster casting. What you will be doing is a more basic level than what the pros use. Only the materials are a little different. The pros sand is finer and i don’t think they use sea water regularly…

Anyway, i hope you enjoy the project this week. Enjoy it for the moment. Before you know it, it’s week 15.

– Liz ❤

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  1. artboyusa
    Sep 5 2011

    Yay! Cool vid!!

    I think the best way to name pix is what you said, and then just with the project number… so I’d call my pix from the beach this week:




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