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September 5, 2011

“My favorite color is Rainbow”~ Nadine Rojas. Awesome Peeps of 11a R-Z

by kirusan

Everyone did a great job with project 1. Lots of people came to the Labs on Thursday and Friday and asked for help. There was a lot of people who joined  the Art110 Facebook page and asked tons of great questions.

I graded the 11a class, people with last names beginning  R-Z. All of you guys did an AWESOME, AWESOME job on your P1’s. Going through and looking at your chairs and Vlogs, I couldn’t make my mind up which ones were my favorites!!! You all worked so hard, and were extremely patient with all the work that we had you guys do. And for that I thank you for sticking out through such a hard project. Next week’s project won’t be so stressful, I swear. 

Mario Ramrez’s Vlog

There were so many awesome vlogs, showing and expressing who you are and what your idea of what art is. But Mario did make his Vlog most entertaining to watch.


Quinlan Smith’s Wiki

Quinlan’s vlog and chair was amazing. He put in alot of work and effort into his work. The video was AMAZING and his chair INCREDIBLE. Way to go Quin!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Anthony Trejo’s Chair





Anthony’s chair looks incredibly spiffy. When I saw him working on it, I had to sit on it. I’m surprised he didn’t kick him off when I randomly sat on his chair with him. But Anthony’s chair looks fantastic and looks like he put a lot of time and effort in it.

Great work everyone, I really did enjoy going through your projects. P2 is at the beach so don’t forget to bring your shovels, buckets, plaster, and cameras. And have some fun. You all deserve it after this project. Good luck with life everyone!!


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