P4 Artist Meetings

Ok so I know not all of the students have been able to complete their P4 project just yet, but here are the students who I think did the best job so far…

Rudy Romero


I thought Rudy gave interesting insights into the work of the artist he interviewed, Gracie Kendal (her SL name)/Kristine Schomaker (her real name.) I included one of the photos from their meeting:

Kelsey Reyes


Kelsey and the rest of her group Frederic Defossez and it seemed like they did a good job despite the fact that they encountered a language barrier because Defossez does not speak much English. I also enjoyed the photos she posted on her wiki. I liked this photo that Kelsey posted (which I think shows that the group has had a fun time with this project so far):

Molly Shannon


It seems that Molly did a lot of research before her group interviewed Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano (who created “My Potholes.”) I thought Molly’s questions were very good because they were based on many different things, such as the artists’ process and possible future works. Here is a picture of the group interviewing the artists (via Skype):


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