RR QS HS AU BW & RY Rock the Shark Tank!

I read the 11a peeps with last names from R-Z this week, and when I started reading Rachel Youngdale’s P5… her first sketch… of a cube!… worried me a bit… but then as I scrolled… and scrolled… and scrolled… through all the awesome content Rachel posted I was overwhelmed by what a fantastic picture she had painted of an artist and a gallery…

Rachel Youngdale / Doug Nielsen

Rebekah Renovato / Annelie McKenzie
Quinlan Smith / Aimee Bender
Hailey Stewart / Ali Goldflake
Allison Ueno / Nancy Popp
Brandon White / My Potholes
Rachel Youngdale / Doug Nielsen
Oh Yeah!

Collage Rachel made of work by artists in Doug Nielsen's collection. His contemporary art collection was the inspiration for a museum exhibition, new choreography, and now for Rachel & Co.'s Virtual Art Gallery.
Doug Nielsen quoted on Rachel Youngdale's wiki
Birds eye view of the staircase with the dance floor in the center

Fantastic project Rachel, bravo!

Now all you have to do is find a way to capture all the energy and power of your proposal in your finished gallery! Haha — no pressure! 🙂


Allison Ueno / Nancy Popp

Even though she’s waiting for Nancy Popp to return from performing in Istanbul, Allison Ueno still managed to do some wonderful sketches and describe a compelling gallery exhibition for Popp.


Hailey Stewart / Ali Goldflake

Hailey Stewart did something not very many peeps did: tear bits of architectural detail out of magazines and off web pages and collage them on your wiki as part of your proposal. It really helps a lot here to get a nice sense of her proposal.

(uh, oopsy, unfortunately she forgot to RENAME her pix, so it’s probably going to get written over by someone else… but hopefully her image will stay up long enough for you to read this blog…

…oh, and speaking of forgetting… something that Hailey did not forget… but a surprising number of peeps did forget… to put your artist’s NAME on your proposal!!??)

Hailey Stewart / Ali Goldflake
Rebekah Renovato / Annelie McKenzie

kk, perhaps Rebekah Renovato isn’t quite as talented a draftsperson as Hailey Stewart, but she still uses her sketchbook to visualize an immersive exhibition proposal. Rebekah’s drawing gives us a nice sense of what the gallery experience will be like. (and she even renamed her pix! 🙂

Brandon White / My Potholes - my art gallery is designed more to look like a museum. It bears the structural ideal of a museum bc it is a building that houses art. The first greatest inspiration yet minimalistic influence on the idea is The Getty Museum by the 405 Freeway. Its on a hill and a very distinguished building. I also want the building to be built into the hill and have only the front wall/door look like a normal building and the rest look like a hill

Brandon White’s sketches were really basic, but his very visionary text really brought a powerful gallery concept to life. By enhancing his description with architectural photography he gives us a great sense of his gallery.

And, as you’ll see below, Brandon accomplished something very few college students ever do: He used a Baywatch image in an academic project… AND it was relevant!

Brandon White / My Potholes
Quinlan Smith / Aimee Bender

Finally, Quinlan Smith and her team envisioned a wonderful exhibition space for Los Angeles author Aimee Bender. They’ve taken the metaphor of the layers of a cake and used it for a series of rooms depicting the worlds of Bender’s stories.

Thanks for so much strong work everyone! I look forward to seeing all of these, and many other, galleries come to life.

We know this 3D Virtual World we’re using is new to 99% of you, so don’t be embarrassed that you don’t know much. Ask questions! We’ll help! As these presentations have shown, You Can Do It!

— Glenn


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