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October 3, 2011

That’s Not My Deal, That’s Not Your Deal

by Mariha Lowe

Aaaaahhhhhhhh….. the relaxing sounds of Kings of Convinience.  That’s what I’ve listening to while I’ve been grading.  And who’s heard of the Morning Benders?? I’m in LOVE with the classic-y 20’s/40’s modern indie sound of their song Excuses (the magnificent Your’s Truly session).  Lead singer, Chris Chu, has all this sex appeal  wrapped into his vocals in this song.  There’s always a marriage proposal waiting for you from me, Chris Chu.  If you ever read this.

Anyway, P5

Ima be honest guys; no one really stuck out to me.  Your P5’s were mainly average; a few goodies and a few yuckies (Right off the top of my head I say there was a high B average in my grading batch) but no WOW’s. Only one person used color, and that was kind of a bummer. I still own color crayons, am I alone in this boat?  And I like (and was hoping for some) detailed sketches. Like, no Sistine Chapel expected but I’m an extensive doodler, like, I carry around a sketch book and I even doodle my notes for my political science class because it helps me retain the material.  But all I really saw were quick sketches; a few maybe had more time spent on them than others but… anyway.  I’d say there was a decent average but guys, this is an ART class! I know Glenn’s all about non-traditional media and stuff but you got traditional sketchbooks, use’em!

Anyway, look at this cute video of children fighting.

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