Epic Galleries of Epicness!

Holy crap! There are so many great galleries out there. And here I thought that MY gallery was awesome. Your galleries butchered mine and threw it in a dumpster. I love how you guys are really putting a lot of work and effort into these galleries. I loved hearing in your vlogs about how much your liked, struggled, or changed ideas with your galleries. Thats the fun thing about making these galleries. You think of new and exciting things to do with your galleries.

I know that some of you might be over this, but keep at it! Just one more week and they are due and then you’ll just have to worry about presenting your galleries.

Here are some P6’s that really caught my attention and were completely awesome. Mind you if you aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like your galleries. They were all awesome.

Tyler Denering’s P6

Holy &#!@!!!! ((Please excuse my french)) This gallery is totally awesome. The epicness of epic. Sounds like I’m favoriting. However, looking at this gallery is truly amazing. You can see the pain, frustration, and inspirations that this group put into their gallery. I love how they use the water scrips to give the gallery a motionful, underwater atmosphere. The dangling pom-poms look really cool too. 



Tatsuya Ando’s P6

I love how Tatsuya set up his projects. They are always so neat, indepth, and just too cool. He showed how his group spit up the work of their galleries, and even showed what each and every person in the group was doing. Very nice.

Kelly Barbeau’s P6

I love how Kelly’s gallery is coming out, and how they have big plans to make it even better.

And Vanna Chem’s P6

Vanna had great pictures for his gallery. But it was his Vlog that got his win. Video bombing and “ghostly” interactions. ❤


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