P6 projects- Building the Gallery Part 1

I saw some amazing P6 projects! It’s fascinating to see how the virtual art galleries are coming along. I can’t wait to see how they’ll all look when they’re finished! Here are some of the students who I thought did the best work this week:

Wesley Yen

I especially liked the overall concept for this gallery space because it’s not very conventional. His group is creating replicas of famous buildings in a park for Nancy Popp. So far, it looks great!

Travis Savacool-Martin

I liked that his blog was very thorough because he included the drawing that shows his group’s concept for the gallery space in addition to his photos of his work on the gallery. I also felt that the commentary on his blog was very entertaining!

Corey San Augustin

I really liked the work his group has done so far to create the gallery space. The pictures on Corey’s page are very intriguing!

Susan Ruiz

So far, this gallery space looks good and it seems to fit well with her group’s artist Possimiste. I also thought Susan had some interesting photos of the gallery she’s working on. Here is my favorite photo on her page because it shows a cool perspective of the gallery itself (and it look like her avatar is walking on the trees!):


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