Joshua Fried inspired remix, & more!

Here’s a sampling of work from the 11a class, last names H-P. As the TA’s have already said, nice work from so many of you! I was especially impressed with Joezer Kant’s work on Betty Tureaud,
Gregory Krish’ on Joshua Fried, and Elissa Patterson on Keira Dooley…

Joezer Kant / Betty Tureaud

Joezer Kant and his teammates really immersed themselves in Betty Tureaud’s diaphanous world of color!

Gregory Krish’s Joshua Fried inspired remix of… hahaha… me! 😛

You should check his page, it’s a whole tutorial on audio remix and cool that he posted on SoundCloud.

Finally below you see Elissa Patterson & Co’s adorable Keira Dooley playground. If you remember the Tokyo graffiti writer we saw in Bomb It, how her work changed so much after having a child, it seems that parenthood has influenced Keira a bit, and Elissa’s team has done a nice job of reflecting that.

Elissa Patterson / Keira Dooley

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