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October 17, 2011

Prim limits. Ugh! What a drag

by Liz Juarez

This week many of you found out that there is an enemy in Second Life. No i’m not talking about the greifer. I’m talking about the prim limit.

So many of you really have some amazing work. Unfortunately, attention to detail comes with a price. It’s called WAY too many prims.

You should all go back and check to make sure you aren’t over the prim limit. You get marked down one point for every prim that goes over the limit.

I was so happy to read how most of you were really enjoying building in Second Life. I’m very happy about that. People get frustrated with the program and so they throw away a valuable chance to make something.

Also, here is a vid on how to do teleporters in your Vrags

Anyways, onto the project 7. I got to grade 9a last names O – Z. It was some really remarkable stuff. Here are my favorites of this week

Ann Le Gallery brought to you by Joselyne Ramirez

This group is pretty much finished and it looks so good. I can’t wait to see their presentation and learn a little more about Ann Le.

Yann Novak Gallery brought to you by Jakob Patterson and Connor Yasuda

This gallery is totally rocking my socks right now.

The attention to detail in this gallery is just INSANE. on the second photo above, it looks so real. It’s not just the fact that it looks so professionally done. It’s also the fact that it looks so real and clean.

Unfortunately, when you have multiple projectors that are about 80 prims each, we’re going to notice.


Coming soon…..

3 weeks of Eva and Franco

Read more from Liz J

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