Muslim Artists; Fake & Real; The Reader

“AVATAR (Identity) LECTURE” — Wow, time flew on Tuesday! So many things that we ran out of time before considering. There are so many identity artists we didn’t look at, but one glaring hole in my talk was Arab and Muslim artists. Among other info below, I’ll mention a few powerful, contemporary artists, like Anida Yoeu Ali and Shirin Neshat.

• Thursday IN UT-108!
• Books are IN the Bookstore!
• P8 & P9
• VRAG Interpretive Notecards
• Avatar Lecture
• Movie Nite: The Reader

Hi Guys!

Thursday lab, Oct 20, will be in UT-108. We really haven’t offered you too much feedback on the state of all the galleries, so we’ll take this time to walk the grid and look at as many galleries as possible.

Somewhere in a famous book it says “the last will be first,” and I guess that’s true about our textbook. I think most of you have it by now, but for anyone who still needs a copy for Projects 8 & 9 this week and next, the books are IN the bookstore!

Apparently both 49er Shops and online sellers have been out for a while. When Mariha and I spoke to Franco a while back, he mentioned that they had a bunch of copies of the book.

Oh, and FYI it’s not “Eva & Franco’s book”… it is, obviously, about their work… but it’s not their book in the sense that they didn’t write it and they don’t make any money on it. The copies they have are copies they bought from the publisher, Charta.

Franco was nice enough to say that he’d be willing to sell a bunch to the 49er Shops so you could get copies. I asked if he and Eva might sign the books for you and he said they’d be happy to. So, the last to buy get the autographed copies! Yes, it’s still selling for the regular bookstore price!

P8 & P9
So what’s P8 & P9 anyway? Why, read all about it on the EYEWTKA page, of course!


If you are in the Presentation 1 or Presentation 2 group your notecards are due to Amanda on Sunday and your questions are also due to Laura! What am I talking about??? Don’t panic! 🙂

You can find your group presentation day on the schedule page:

And you can find out about Interpretive Notecards & Clicker Questions on the VRAG How page:

And finally the due schedule is on your VRAG page, 9 or 11:

Wow, time flew on Tuesday! So many things that we ran out of time before considering. There are so many identity artists we didn’t look at, but one glaring hole in my talk was Arab and Muslim artists. Here’s a powerful spoken word poem 1700% by Anida Yoeu Ali:

For the past couple of decades, Iranian artist Shirin Neshat has been at the forefront of contemporary film, video and photography. Here’s her 2-screen video Turbulent:

Here’s an interview with her about her piece Women Without Men:

As you’ll soon see, our consideration of Identity will weave its way through Eva & Franco’s projects Luther Blisset and Darko Maver and into our P10 – Counterfactual Identity.

Whether it’s Nikki S. Lee, the Korean Latina… or Jake’s new life on Pandora… or Kris and Jenny in Second Life… or Neo trying to understand the nature of that red chair and whether it’s “real” or not… or you contemplating your Counterfactual Identity project… or even Pinocchio… the idea of What Is Real? seems always around the corner… and so I’ve made a video for you on the topic of my favorite saying… Sometimes Fake is more Real than Real:

Wow – Tuesday is our last lecture already! Tuesday’s “theme film” is The Reader, and I’ve learned that a lot of Art110 peeps really loved that film… and also… that a lot of other Art110 peeps have never seen it…

So, before we look at clips from it in class, I thought we’d offer you a chance to view it in its entirety.

Movie Nite: The Reader
Thursday, Oct 20, 6pm

After this, we’ll go back to letting Liz pick the movie nite movies… so there may yet be Halloween horrors in your future!

Thanks for all your effort everyone! We’re all really looking forward to some awesome gallery presentations starting in 2 weeks!

See you in class!

— Glenn

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