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October 23, 2011


Note Card Info

by Amanda

Since everyone seems to be having trouble figuring out what to write for each section/category on the notecard, I’ll briefly write what we’re looking for here.


This section is just a brief description of what your visitors can expect to see before they enter the gallery. You should mention which artist you chose.

Curator’s Statement

This refers to why you decided to pick the artworks for this gallery, how you placed them in the exhibition, etc. Curators are involved in choosing artworks for an exhibition based on an overall theme and they try to display them in the best way possible to reflect this theme. You might also mention why you decided to pick this artist.

About Nancy Popp (or your specific artist)

This section is about your artist–basically a biography.

About Nancy Popp’s oeuvre

An artist’s oeuvre is just a fancy way of saying all the works that the artist has done. Here, you would write about the works that your artist has created, including any overall themes that are present in the work (i.e. issues of race, culture), the subject matter in the work, materials (media) used to create the work, etc. This section will require outside research if you haven’t already done the research for it.

About the Nancy Popp Virtual Art Gallery

This is a more detailed description of the gallery itself. Here you can mention how this gallery corresponds to the artist’s work. You can also discuss the aesthetics (visual aspects) of the gallery.

*There are other sections of course but I only chose to discuss areas that require more analysis/writing.

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  1. Glenn Z
    Oct 24 2011

    Awesome Amanda – thank you!

    I also put some notecard info on the wiki:


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