Did Halloween get to you guys or something? Lol.

I thought it was strange seeing students who haven’t posted their work on the wiki page for a long time have now started to put them in the wiki. Students who have been doing the projects regularly, some have skipped this project probably due to Halloween. I’m assuming I guess.

Ando Tatsuya has done an amazing job! He has done his project very passionately and also despite that English isn’t his primary language, his vlog is quite indepth! He also did some extra sketches/explanations for the fun of it and look! A Happy Halloween picture! Mickey Mouse popping out of a pumpkin!


“Things that get stolen get remembered.”
“Then the six o’ clock one was pretty… I love that part. Mickey hanging himself and everything; so cute.”
“Culture dies if frozen in a cliche.”


“The more significance it has in relation to it was first made. Because when it was made, it was the artist intended in that time. But then, time can only apply something that no other artist can ever intended like the faded paint or the wear.”
“They’re trying to address in this particular section was that… art is ever changing. Once something is created, it doesn’t mean it’s the final interpretation of it throughout time regardless of its original state.”
“Mainstream media didn’t really cover a lot of the violence… and a lot of the wrong in the world. His art really exposed it and brought it to life.”

You vlog really stood out to me because it provided lots of perspectives and interpretations of how art is perceived throughout many factors such as time, its originality, form/state/position of the object, how it evokes, changes through time, etc.



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