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November 1, 2011

The end of the Eva and Franco reading *tear*sniffle*

by Liz Juarez

Needless to say, i’m a huge Eva and Franco fan. I try to stay neutral seeing as i TA a class and people should have the opportunity to develop their own feelings and opinions about E&F. The most common opinion is “They are criminals”. Over the summer, Glenn, Mariha, Vanessa, and I went to a show in LA where Eva and Franco were being featured.

My Generation by Eva and Franco

That was their piece and being inspired by Eva and Franco’s Stolen Pieces article, we each stole a key from the My Generation piece.

A very proud moment *sigh*

Anyways, the readings this week it seemed confused a few of you but mostly it was a positive response. Many enjoyed these articles better than the other two which is great. The questions were just as tough. So tough that the handy cleverbot couldn’t answer them. Of course i doubt this artificial intelligence got a chance to read about E&F.

All of those are the wrong answers to the questions. Instead of seeking help from an AI, i suggest you consult my top vlog pics below.

Johnathon Sabedra

[0:46] “…I don’t agree with the artificial…reenactments of these events, stealing threads from canvases…I don’t think that doing that is adding to the value at all. I understand…the concept that Eva and Franco were trying to display when they removed these pieces from these art works. It’s basically showing that the original isn’t as important as the message that’s conveyed from stealing these pieces…The Sistine Chapel has been modified…the paint was starting to fade and they touched it up, therefore not allowing it to show it’s age and modifying it…it’s essentially what they’re [Eva and Franco] doing just going to more drastic measures…”

Charlotte Wade

[1:17] “His [Darko Maver] dark twist was using gruesome realistic puppets like murder victims…it’s basically showing people that we can look at this kind of stuff…but this happens in real life and media and tv…covers it up so well and we’re just kind of jaded to the fact that this actually happens to people like real people die this way…”

Connor Yasuda

[5:20] “Their art exhibit created this world where all these past and present cartoon characters…are in their own little world trying to escape the chains that are holding them down…if art is willing to make an interest off of the same formula that has made it successful year after year…it’s not even worth showing it in a museum. People will eventually get tired of watching the same stuff over and over again. They even characterize this at the very end where it shows Mickey Mouse hanging. The cartoon that’s playing is one of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons and they even show that even Mickey’s tired of his same old BS.”

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