P10 Counterfactual Identity

Everyone did such a wonderful job creating a different identity! Some of you did a lot of work creating a different persona. Here are my favorite CFIs:

Rachel Youdale

Rachel went onto several websites to create pages for her CFI Julianna-Rose LaFayes. She created very artsy pages for Julianna-Rose, which corresponds to her CFI (who goes to art school.) Rachel also created an XtraNormal video! It’s obvious she did a lot of work for this project!

Here’s a picture of her CFI’s blog:

Anthony Trejo


I liked Anthony’s CFI (The guy with many faces) because I thought it was very clever, especially because he created different faces every time he responded to posts on Facebook. His interview was also very entertaining! Like Rachel he also created an XtraNormal video. Anthony included a lot of pictures and it was obvious that he spent a lot of time creating his CFI.

Here’s one of the pictures Anthony posted on Facebook:

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