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November 8, 2011

What shall become of them now?

by kirusan

Now that the project is over, what is to become of your Counterfactual Identites? Will they remain part of the the virtual society, or will they be killed off just as quickly as they were brought into existence. Well some of you said that you did kill off you CFI’s. So A prayer out to those who we knew for so short a while, but who brought such warmth into our hearts!

But Holla!!! P10 is done and over with. I can tell by some of your P10’s that you guys actually had fun doing this project. Congrats to you guys. This was supposed to be a fun project for you guys. But then again, we did have some people who thought that this project was frustrating. And Kudos to you guys as well. Creating a new identity is difficult and does take some time to come up with a credible identity. I guess you can take it that we are teaching you how to create a new identity and throw your old identity off the grid. LIKE A SPY~!!!! OooooOOOOooooO.

In all seriousness, however, I congratulate all of those who did the project to their best potential! You guys did awesome work. It was really interesting to see who was who. A lot of times I was like OMG That was YOU!!!!  There were some identities that seemed really interesting and I had wished that you would have put your Counterfactual onto the facebook page. I would have LOVED to see how they would react with the many trollers that we had.

ANYWAYS!!!! Now on to the honorable mentioned! ((kinda sounds like they are all dead now)) There were so many that I liked. And I do mean MANY!!!

Carol. A Shepherd & Maria A. Shepherd– created by Tatsuya Ando

Tatsuya Ando created Carol A. Shepherd. In the production of his CFI, he also created Carol’s daughter, Maria. Carol A. Shepherd is an actress, currently an extra, and waitress at Apple Cafe. She is a high school drop out because she was pregnant with her daughter, Maria. What was unique about Tatsuya’s was that he showed how he tried to develop his CFI. He even used his sketch book.

He ask created a persona for the daughter Maria. He create a facebook for her so that way you can see mother and daughter interacting with each other on the internet.

Cassidy Burns — created by Jacob Gonzales

I really did like Jacob’s creation, Cassidy Burns. Jacob decided to create a character that was very different from him. ((A path that a lot of you did)).Cassidy Burns is a 20 year old, Italian American who is living together with her girlfriend Lauren. After the death of her mother, Cassidy opened up the Scream House, where she and her friends are able to share ideas, art, and creativity in front of an audience. I love how Jacob was able to not only create an identity for this project, but also an environment, The Scream House, for where his identity is a part of.

Here is an image for the Scream House site.

And His Vlog. The video is a little glitchy in the beginning but it fixes itself.

Xander Maver — Created by Rachel Guevarra

I laugh every time I look at this picture. Rachel’s page for her CFI was awesome. She did an awesome job putting the whole thing together. I also liked how she used Darko Maver as inspiration for Xander’s last name. Maybe he’s Darko’s long lost son?

Rachel made Xander a Tumblr, Facebook, Formspring, a Twitter. Man thats a lot of things

Here’s a video for her making of her Character Xander Maver.

You can all now celebrate now that this is over. The next project P11, is the Venice Art Walls which is a really great experience. I liked it so much that I went there twice. And I really think that you guys will like it a lot too.

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