Let’s Do Some Legal Vandalizing ;)

I don’t even know where to start this week. Rain, Graffiti, Painting, my god an eventful weekend for sure. I was so surprised at a lot of the projects you guys did this week. Especially the home projects blew me away. I loved how a couple of you incorporated the “space” theme and created these amazing works of art. I also loved how many of you incorporated stencils into your designs. You guys are so talented and I am speechless.

I don’t think it was possible for me to really choose any favorites so I just basically just listed some of of you  my favorite projects that I saw 😀 GREAT JOB YOU GUYS! I am so glad that I was able to see a lot of your personal styles and how creative you guys were. Made me pleased. (:

Now for the bad news, I am not too pleased that a lot of you have not been able to resize and rename your pics and also that some of you have not been embedding your videos on your page. By this week, ALL OF YOU should be doing these two things and receiving full credit. But that’s all for now, I am off my soap box! 😛 To end on a happier note, I reiterate how amazing your projects were (:

1. Jamie Merrill

I loved your idea so much. Reminded me of a little Eva and Franco there and being sneaky 😉 Very creative how you changed the name and were able to convince some people they actually changed the team name 😛


2. Jett Montoya

Kirby, ‘nough said 😛


3. Tayler Nicholson

I was so amazed at how great your project turned it out, I even posted a pic of it on my facebook, great job Tayler! (:


4. Andrew Lozano

I loved the song for your video for some strange reason, lol not really my type of music but it blended in well with your project, ad I loved seeing your process through this video.


5. Jacqlyn Mohl



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