Rename and Resize FAIL!!! 11a(A-G)

I have to say that just about EVERYONE got points taken off for not renaming and/or resizing their photos. This made grading extremely difficult to grade since your wikis took 5+minutes to load. That is probably the main reason why grading took so long. But they are finally graded. Sorry it took so long.


Tatsuya’s Tagging skillz!!!!

Lol its no shocker that Tatsuya’s on here. But what is a shocker is that he did the project twice!! Not only did he go to Venice and spray paint on the walls, but he also did and AWESOME job at home!

Tsukasa’s collecting them rings!

Tsukasa also went to Venice and tagged up some walls. I loved his pieces, and its not just because Im a huge Sonic nerd… Okay maybe. But his piece was so clean with no drips. Totally cool

Rodolfo’s ‘Wanderers’

Kevin’s got some LB pride



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