Venice Venice Beach Beach

SO many cool projects! I’m going to show off quite a bit of them because I really admired a lot of you for trying this new medium/going to Venice in the rain/showin’ off your skillzzzz. Oh and saying some pretty awesome stuff in your blogs. You guys are pretty smart.

Such a cool photo! You’re awesome Pamela Payad.

And who wouldn’t love Alice? the class’s lovely and talented lindy hopper showing off another talent

Leticia’s Lovely Flower and her love of Miso!

Hailey, you’re mega talented!

Although Nolan couldn’t make it to Venice, I applaud him for his great stencil

Allison Ueno, represent!

And I’d like to give special thanks to Brandon White. Although he encountered a bit of trouble with his spray paint at Venice, he managed to kick ass and take these really cool photos!

And last but not least, Bryan.
This guy went to Venice despite the pouring rain! He wasn’t able to paint, but he still went to give it a try! And this guy’s idea had great meaning behind it. Very admirable.

Dancin' in the Rain 

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