Welcome to Art110!

Hi Guys!

Welcome to Art-110, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all next week!

I’ll be your instructor for the class, and we’ll also be joined by 9 awesome teaching assistants:
Liz, Vanessa, Monique, Laura, Ashley, Erik, Kaitlin, Patrick & Rachel.

Useful Links:
about.me/glenn.zucman – a handy page with links to my Tumblr, YouTube, and the main class websites
art-110.com – you’re here! 🙂
FormingCulture.com – this is the Catalog website for the virtual art exhibition we’re all going to create this semester.
Facebook Discussion Group – our class discussion group on Facebook. We used to call it “Art110 Disc Group” but now it has the fancy name “Forming Culture Curators” since you’re not just “students” anymore, but “Curators” for the Forming Culture exhibition.

Here’s a couple of welcome videos, one from me and one from TA Rachel. The other TA’s will be recording greetings for you sometime this week.

We’ve been evolving this course for a few years now, and we were pretty pleased with the way it turned out last semester. So we’re keeping a lot of that energy, but making some adjustments that we think will give you an even better experience.

In the past we’ve done a few whole class flashmobs, but we’ve never had a individual flashmob project for you guys to organize, which we’ve just added. We’re really excited to see what you can dream up. What I love so much about flashmobs is that they get the artist out of the studio and the audience out of the gallery and we meet in public space… studios and galleries are great, but public space is where life takes place, and the best of the flashmobs really invite their audiences to consider their assuptions about their day… about their life… they invite viewers to ask if this is the life they meant to live. If you can do that, and have some laughs while you’re at it, that’s an incredible art project! 🙂

Have a great last week of Winter break!
See you Tuesday!

— Glenn

PS: we meet in a giant room, so the class never fills – if you think your friends would have fun taking the class too, bring them along!

PPS: Oh, I mentioned my Tumblr up top… yeah… you’re all going to have a blog this semester: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, whatever you want. I kind of think a lot of you might pick Tumblr, so we scheduled a CSULB Tumblr meetup for next Tuesday afternoon (1st day of class)


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