P1 & P2 in da house! (9a O-Z)

Hi everyone! Its been a tough couple of weeks but now you’re a fifth of the way into the semester. I have to say that it was amazing to see your chairs on Secondlife, and your cool plaster castings. You all did an amazing job with putting together your blogs and youtube videos as well. Also we are really sorry about the short notice for the sketches, but a lot of you ran up to the challenge and posted them anyways. You guys are all awesome. Here are just a few peeps who did an excellent job on their projects!!!

Ivan Terzic

Aaron Slichter

Dyana Osegueda


For those who did not add your sketches, just let us know when you put them up and we will change your grade. Its Week 3 and its flashmob time. Hope that you guys are coming up with some cool ideas for your flashmobs. Good Luck and be safe!

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