P1 & 2

Hey there swagsters of Art 110, it’s your friendly neighborhood TA Erik.

Good work on your projects. Hopefully this class will help you cultivate your skills as members of a futuristic Society. :I

Now, I present to you, some of the best picks from some of our students.

Erica Hickel, Sal Galvan, and Brennan Gambs. Congratulations. You win nothing but my respect. Keep the good work up and you might be given entry into the prestegious Swag Society.

Now, a more in depth look.

This is Brennan’s P1 Chair, looking swanky there, coon kid. 😀

To go with it, in P2, Brennan made a rad looking tumblr post collage describing her process. Awesome.
Check it at the link below!


Now, check out Sal’s hilarious video on his adventures in the beach, a true tale of shoving fists in places and Wet Willies abound.

Sal’s Video

Now, the best for last, Erica Hickel’s P1 and P2, but more in particular, her tumblr page.
Her Tumblr page is well made, designed like a pro. Do you have a separate tumblr page you’re not telling us about?
The posts are sincere and are in the process of telling the Art 110 story.

Check it out at http://erie1433.tumblr.com/

In this class, we have given you the choice of creating a blog on the site of your choice. It is up to you to make it your own.
Make it represent you. Don’t just let it stay with the basic colors and settings, mix it up and integrate it with your life.
I believe this is the true key in getting a great grade in this class, and leaving with the tool that you’ll use for the rest of your days.
You wouldn’t leave your myspace all plain and boring would you?
Build it, for when people see it and your work, they will see your true colors.

I’m ranting. Anyway, hope you all see these works and get inspired to do your best as to catch my attention, who knows,
You might just end up in a future post!

Over and out,

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