Project 1: The Beginning of The End

Better late then never!

Despite the issues we had the first week of posting projects, we finally got everything done. HURRAY!!!!

Project 1 is a chance to get a feel for what we’re going to be doing most of the semester, so some of you had a blast and some of you had some trouble, but it all turned out well in the end. There were some pretty awesome projects these first two weeks so let me run my favorites by you.

Project 1 Chairs:

Timothy Driscoll

"The Pacman Chair"








What a great chair!!! This made me so happy since it was the first one I graded. It made me optimistic for the rest of the Project 1 submissions and the rest of the year. So much happy! And funny that there was a Pac-man flash mob this week.

Ryan Frasquillo

"Medieval Madness"








I just think this chair looks so medievalish and cool. Plus the fact that there’s a robot sitting in it makes it all the more cooler.

Christine Fuqua

"Eco Friendly Chair"











It’s green, it’s eco friendly, and it’s by atomicmoose!!! A little basic, but still awesome.

Matthew Iacono

"Pizza box chair?"








Is it just me, or does it look like a pizza in a box made into a chair? It’s probably just me. It’s so cool though!

It occurred to me that most of these chairs are made by robots. THEY’RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!

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