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February 13, 2012

We are the CSULB Flashmobbers!

by moniquenicholson

Well you guys are anyways 😛  I had such a blast seeing all of your guys’ creative ideas for the flash mobs. Some of the videos had me out loud laughing in the library with tons of people looking at me weird but it was worth it lol. I loved seeing all of the other people”s reactions to your flash mob as well. It was fun to see how some people were freaked out and how some people joined in! I wish i would have participated in some of them. I think my favorite ones were the GroupHug and the RecyclingRejoicing. Great work you guys, it took a lot of organizing, commitment, and creativity, and a lot of you stepped up to the plate! (:

The bad news now that I have is a lot of you didn’t vlog about Eva And Franco and also missed posting your sketches online! Those are such a big chink of your points and if you missed both well that’s why you received a low score. Make sure to check the eyewtka and rubric every week for the information that you need on your project so you can stay in the loop!

Now without further ado, introducing my favorite projects of the few week. Congratulations to……….

1. Baotran Le 

2. Stephen Lopez

3. Monica Mojica-Nevarez

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