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February 14, 2012

Picking Your Artist!

by Glenn Zucman

Hi Guys!

It’s Week 4 when we have our “Avatar” (Identity Art) lecture… and do our P4 – ePortfolio project… but all that’s almost dwarfed by the fact that this is the week we form groups of 3 peeps and PICK OUR ARTISTS! So hit the “Read More” button and get the whole scoop!

So awesome!
Thanks for all your amazing flashmobs! Fun, insightful, fantastic projects – rock on!

1. Lecture: Avatar (Identity Art)
2. Project: ePortfolios
3. Artists & Groups – Picking them!

1. Avatar – come to class. watch movies. learn stuff.

2. ePortfolios – the EYEWTKA tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Try not to wait till Thursday’s lab, START TODAY. We hope that this project is really something valuable for you, that it launches or advances your “portfolio” that you take with you when you graduate from CSULB. We hope you leave this place with 4 things:
a) A piece of paper that says you know stuff
b) Actual knowledge
c) Lots of friends & colleagues you’ll see again as time goes by
d) a kickass ePortfolio!
If you’ve already started an ePortfolio, you can work to make it stronger this week… if you haven’t started one… THIS IS YOUR WEEK!

3. The other, BIG, thing this week is to pick groups of 3 and an artist you’ll work on for a big chunk of the semester.

• Yes, groups of 3. Sorry, we can’t do 2 or 4.
• Yes, only your section. We wish we could mix 9a & 11a, but there’s a number of days when you work on or present your work during class time, so unfortunately mixing the sections won’t work here. But for P11 & 12 – Graffiti Writing & Video Making, you will be able to work with peeps from the other section on those.

We have a big list of artists for you:

On that page, each artist’s name is also a link to their website, so you can check out what their work is like. At the end of each row you see “Curator Curator Curator” — that’s where your names will be going! If you see peeps names there, then that artist is already taken.

When do you request your artist? NOW! As soon as you have a team of 3 and pick who you want, post a message on the Facebook discussion group with your choice. You probably should give us your #1 and #2 choices in case of conflicts. We’ll try to update the artist page asap.

Below is a list of which TA is supervising which artists… and many of the TA’s have made short intro videos for you! NEXT WEEK, P5 is your Artist’s Studio Visit – if your artist is in the State of California, it must be a FACE-2-FACE studio visit. I know you hate to drive, but I promise it will be pretty awesome.

If your artist is in a virtual world, it will be an in-world AVATAR-2-AVATAR studio visit.

If your artist is not in California nor in a virtual world, it will be a Skype Video Studio Visit.

Your studio visit should be between NOW and Sat Feb 25. You document it on your blog/vlog by Sun Feb 26.

And here’s the choices (be sure 9a teams pick 9a artists and 11a teams pick 11a artists!)

Oh, and here’s a hint… you might be less interested in virtual world artists because you’re less familiar with that space and/or it all seems a little weird… but consider this… those artists already know the media you’ll be working with… they could be helpful! 🙂

********** 9a **********

Carol Hummel
Rachel Bloom
Ryan McIntosh
Rinko Kimino

Tuna Oddfellow
Cole Case
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Jen Gray

Carla Cascales Alimbau
Allan Amato
Miso Susanowa

Ali Goldflake
Betty Tureaud
Charlie Gage

********** 11a *********

Kris Shoemaker
Andre Miripolsky
Maura Meyers
Ted Meyer

Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield
Trill Zapatero
Juha Helminen

Micha Cardenas
Joshua Fried
Robyn Love

Vanessa Bonet
The Poubelle Twins
Aoi Yamaguchi

Hilary Norcliffe
Andrew Byrom
Kimberly Dwinell

featured image collage by who else, but TA Liz!

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