P4 Swagsters

Hey there students,

Erik here reporting on my findings while grading.

Tons of great content abound, glad to see you guys working hard.

Now, for the students of the week:

Erica Andersen Hickel, Prisma Bracho, Dyana Osegueda, and Jonathan Lopez.

Erica Hickel, part of the Allan Amato team, has totally revamped her online profile/persona.

Seeing how her name is “Normal” whatever that means, she decided to make a name for herself, and prioritized her stuff to now be Erica Andersen Hickel in order to come up in searches.

Prisma Bracho’s work is very organized and streamlined. She also took the time to scan her photo and edit it in photoshop. Going above and beyond the call of duty, deserving of a purple heart, or the art 110 alternative, the orange teacup.

Dyana Osegueda really poured her opinions out in her 23 minute video. Thankfully, it wasn’t just filler, and had some true insightful stuff going on. Its good to see a student so open with the camera. Her work was also very organized.

Johnathan Lopez, oh man, his drawings were NUTS. He didn’t scan them, but he flaunted them in his video. Are you some kinda artist? Wish I could post them for all to see. His overall work was also well organized on his tumblr.


It seems that the 3 students Prisma Bracho, Dyana Osegueda, and Johnathan Lopez are part of the Carla Cascales team. I’ll be excited to see what kind of work they bring to second life.

Till next time, see you space cowboy.


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