What’s an E-Portfolio?

This week, there seemed to be a lot of confusion on hat an e-portfolio is exactly. Glenn wanted everybody to prepare for life after college, in building an online portfolio of work that they had done or interests/skills that you have just in a public sense. A lot of the responses from the video blog said that they didn’t really want the public knowing about them that in a sense this e-portfolio was pointless. I found that response very interesting because when I first heard about this project, I was overjoyed with the fact that I could make myself more publicly known. I am not sure if this is because I am a person that likes the attention or if this is because in an age of technology, this seems like the right way to go. It’s very interesting how a lot of people are skeptical to enter this new phase of life. With almost everyone having  a Facebook, this seems like the next step. Granted a lot of you have it set to private but like I said before in a world of technology, this seems like the right way to go! I was pretty impressed with your projects this week though, I loved hearing all of your opinions and seeing all of your work. I never mind negative responses as long as you back up your beliefs with evidence. I think this is what makes everyone strong and able to survive this crazy world. That is my rant for now, and now without further ado, congratulations to my fellow students….

1. Ryan Frasquillo


2. Patty Aldama 


3. Jeffrey Kim


4. Monica Nevarez





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