What exactly is an ePortfolio? A few months ago, the biggest concern for many incoming college freshmen was having the colleges they applied to Google them and coming across some rather unflattering pictures. Past college, the same can be said for our future jobs. While some employers want to know that you can have fun and a life outside of work, many would prefer you to be professional in the work place. And thus the ePortfolio is born. For those who plan to be artists or will be exhibiting work in the future for their potential employers there will be a lot of competition and they may want to look outside of the resume. So what will people find about our students? Let’s find out…

Out of my students Anthony Ghannam probably gets the award for the most interesting ePortfolio I came across. Here’s a little taste:

Voice over actor

I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge Disney nerd, so this got me ridiculously excited.

I only had one name change due to a common name. Instead of adding her middle name, Berenice Lopez or Berenice Barrera, prefers to be searched by a different last name.

And lastly, this beauteous sketch by Maddie Champagne

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