Hello there students,

welcome to P5’s swag update.

Did you know you can check in on facebook while on campus at “Cal Steezy Long Beezy”?


Well now you know!

Protips for future Projects:

Turn your links in by Sunday night, or else you won’t get points. No more amnesty from here on out. This isn’t burger king, you can’t have it your way.

Moving on to projects of the week:

The Carla Cascales Alimbau group did a great job, and had to manage their time wisely to talk to the artist, coming at them from Barcelona.

Dyana, Prisma, and Johnathan. Great job you three.

Dyana’s video is long once again. She’s probably doing it on purpose. Near the end her mom calls her out, and throughout her brother is trying to enter her room. Entertaining. Besides the comic relief, she talked about her interview, and had some insight on the Eva and Franco reading.

Johnathan once again bringing the amazing sketchwork. He uploaded pictures this time, so I have a banner now. YAY.

Erica Hickel, Jennifer Gunter, and Brennan Gambs seemed like they had a great studio visit with Allan Amato. Excellent.

Keep your pace, and step it up if you’re not up to game in your studies, we’re at the halfway mark!

You’ll be creating Virtual Galleries soon!



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